International Newcomer's Network (INN)

Graphic Design (Ads, Email Templates)


Expatriates (expats) are people legally living and working in countries other than their native land.


INN aims to help expats have the best experience possible in their new environment by assisting them to make new friends, find local resources, travel throughout their new country, learn a new language if necessary and more. INN also hosts many fun events throughout the year and works with local charities to help people worldwide who are in need.


INN sends out email campaigns frequently and wanted a fresh, new, organized look for their templates. I met with the organization's president and other members to come up with a plan. I redesigned their templates and made suggestions on how to organize the email sections so that they are visually appealing, informative and call the user to action. I also designed WeChat ad campaigns for INN.


If you are ever in Beijing, China, I highly recommend contacting INN. They are a phenomenal group of people who are a blast to hang out with and will make your transition so much more comfortable.

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