Beijing Stitch Group (BSG)

Web and Print Design, Content Writing


I lived in Beijing China for a little over two years. While there, I met and got to know many BSG members, and although I no longer live in Beijing, we still keep in touch. When I arrived in Beijing, the group had around 15 members. Now membership is over 100. BSG members are made up of people from around the world who share amongst other qualities, creativity!


The group did not have a WeChat presence nor a Web presence and that made communication amongst group members difficult. WeChat was especially important to the group because it is a phone app that is used by everyone, everywhere in China to communicate and share information.


I worked with BSG members to come up with a motto "Creating Friendships Through Stitching," a logo, website, and WeChat presence. For the website, the challenge was where to host the site since many Western sites may not be supported in China. After researching and testing, I found that Wordpress was our best solution.


The site features the group's work, articles, and ideas along with supply resources in English, Chinese, and Pinyin. I miss my BSG buddies and our Thursday meetups also known as, "Therapeutic Thursdays."

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