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Mapela is an amazing human being! She is a mom of two small children, wife of a Marine Officer, businesswoman, fitness trainer extraordinaire and an overall kind person. When she came to me with her goal to build a brand for her personal training business, she had a vision in mind but was not sure how to execute it.


Mapela liked the name, FitVitae ("fit life") and what it meant to her own life and those of her clients. She is passionate about helping other women make health and fitness a primary focus in their lives. One of her mantras is,"We can't take care of others if we don't take care of ourselves first!"


We took long walks while discussing strategies for her business. I started getting to know her personality (driven, upbeat and no-nonsense) while talking to her about her specific personal and business goals, clients, competitors, likes, dislikes, etc. From there, we started building her brand. There is much more to come from Mapela and FitVitae. I am excited to be a part of her vision and to see where it leads!



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