Family, work, and travel are vital to me. I have 15+ years as a creative professional working remotely and in a traditional office setting. I enjoy all aspects of design and I am comfortable designing for a wide range of projects - a.k.a. I don't turn my nose up at presentations. ;-)


I also love to code HTML and CSS, and I am taking refresher courses in Javascript. I have worked in various industries including advertising, consulting, health and wellness, fashion, and banking. Recently, I had the privilege of using my skills in Beijing, China where I worked on several creative projects.

On a more personal note, my Mom is an amazing artist and encouraged creativity in my brothers and me at an early age.


When I was six years old, I remember my Mom calling me into the kitchen. In the middle of the table was a fruit bowl with some decorations. She handed me a paintbrush and said, "Lesson one, paint what you see." 


A couple of months later, she handed me some knitting needles and said, "Let me show you how to cast-on stitches."


A few months after that, my aunt handed me a crochet hook and said, "Now that you know how to knit, let's crochet!" Right after that, my grandmother, mom, and aunts showed me how to sew.


Those were such good times! Our family is always doing something creative. I treasure all of the creative outlets bestowed upon me and needless to say, the "creative bug" is firmly implanted in my genes.


Thank you, Ma, Nanny and Aunt Diane! ❤️

Those early years of creativity have stayed with me throughout my life and influence everything that I do. I love to learn new techniques and skills and share what I have learned with others.


If you would like to work together, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for stopping by my site! ☺️


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